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Telos, the Warden - Released on EOCRS
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Current game time 07:51
Wilderness Warbands

Started at 06:02 game time
Event type Armadylean
Wilderness lvl 40 - 42

Next event will start at 09:02
Top Players
1.Buffalo2 12,099,282,014
2.Divination 7,316,738,916
3.Zaross 5,621,694,732
4.Skyrim 3,995,874,637
5.Touch_me 3,570,927,141
6.Excalibur_p0 3,439,006,758
7.Necros 3,331,653,038
8.Marta 3,238,779,891
9.Xatthew 3,155,363,018
10.Florin 3,084,636,080