Vote every 12 hours to get rewards
Voting helps server grow
  • Voting Rule: You may vote every 12 hours with one single IP Address and Account.
    REWARD: 4 VP (Voting Points) for both completed and validated votes.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: How do I vote?
    • (1) Enter your Game Account and press Start Vote.
    • (2) Click Vote 1 button then complete the human verification (challenge) on each top site.
    • Repeat (2) by clicking the remaining buttons until you finish.

    Q: How to check if my vote was registered or validated?
    A: Once the voting button disappears from this page your vote was validated and you may claim it in game.

    Q: How do I claim my voting points?
    A: While logged in-game just enter the command ::voted. You may only claim after all votes are completed on all top sites.

    Q: What do I do with the VP (Voting Points)?
    A: Voting Points are used as currency for our Voting Shop. The NPC is located near the ::home location.

    Q: When may I vote again?
    A: Once you complete all tops you will see a timer announcing remaining time until your next vote.

    Q: I share my internet (IP connection) with other players (brother, etc), will this affect my voting?
    A: Yes. Top sites only register votes from unique IP's. We can only give VP reward to one of you. You may however try to reset your IP before voting if your IP is dynamic.

    Q: One link is not working, what should I do?
    A: Usually this means the top site you try to vote on may be not responding. Just try again later or contact our staff.